Spider Writer

Spider Writer 5.20

HTML editor, FTP client, image mapper, and style editor suite
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5.20.0610 (See all)

Spider Writer is a feature-packed text-based and WYSIWYG HTML editor, FTP client, image mapper, and style editor suite. The Spider Writer HTML Editor features an easy-to-learn user interface, text-based and WYSIWYG HTML editing, split/full-screen browser preview, document weight, link verification, context-sensitive tag help, integrated attribute editor, thumbnail image viewer, color picker, spell checker, syntax checker, multi-line find/replace, special characters, open from the web, drag and drop, syntax highlighting, tasks, code snippets, script outline, HTML reference, CSS reference, and much more. Spider Writer has complete project support and allows for quick publishing to local directories or remote sites. It also includes over 15 time-saving wizards which do everything from creating custom tables to inserting complex JavaScripts. The FTP Client is used to maintain remote web sites. The Image Mapper creates and edits client-side image maps. The Style Editor creates and edits style she

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